Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

Well I've never been a fan of valentines day, my mom got married on it to my step-dad and he turned out to be not so nice. Not at all, he is long gone now. But I was almost excited this year because for the first time i had a sweet heart to spend it with. I waited all week for him to say something about it and nothing so the day started off badly. And since I'm not aloud to have anything with milk in it eating my weight in chocolate to make me feel better was not an option. finally at 7:30pm he text me and asks what i did for valentines day... Uh i went out with all the other ppl I'm dating? STUPID! I sat around waiting for you to call! He laughed LAUGHED and said or i just figured you knew I'd have to work ! uh why would i assume that? Then he says we can do something monday uh no we can't I have to watch the kids because the don't have school, we havent talked since! Any advice on guys? Because I'mm at a lost... short of making I big sign telling him to call me and placing it in his yard which would seem totally despirate... Which I'm not! Well maybe a little... He leaves on feb 28 to go to annual training and doesn't come back till mar 20 an then leaves for kuiwait april 15. Thats not alot of time! Other then that theres not much new to report. I go to the dr on tuesday. hopefully get good results for that. they will be doing an ultrasound of my pancreas to see if theres a pocket of fuild around it. which can be a rather painful process. Gabby

Thursday, February 5, 2009

First post

Hello, I'm not exactly the blogger type but I heard it was a good out so I decided to try it. Though all my health journey has been difficult, these last 6 months have been a really bugger. Starting from the beginging- In May of '07 I had my first surgery a nissan. Thats where they fix a hiatal hernia at the top of your stomach where a valve should be. Everything went peachy. Well then in July I started having more problem went back to the surgeon he says it my gall bladder. Have that removed in August. October rolls around I'm still having problem surgeon says its my appendix- have it removed. Everything went great tell about May '08. I started getting sick all the time and just not feeling good Surgeon does a scope finds a paraesophagul hernia. With all the summer stuff going on We couldn't schedule the surgery tell July17th '08. Its supposed to be a very simple half hour surgery one night in hospital. Turns into a four hour surgery, the nissan he had done a year before was coming undone. He says everything wen good but I needed to stay a few extra days in the hospital okay. On the 19 things were going down hill my stomach was very distended and I was in alot of pain. Did and Mri to find a stitch was leaking in my abdoman went in for another 2 hour surgery. Spend 8 days in ICU with four drainage tubes in my abdoman and one in my left lung. I wasn't tolerating anything by mouth and was just getting worse. So my mom says I think its time to tranfer to a better hospital in Utah. So on went the process and I was taken by ambulance to Primary Childrens. Turns out I had developed Pancreatitis which is where your pancreas sends pockets of digestive fluid to different parts of your body. Most of mine had absessed. So major amounts of antibiotics ant four long weeks later I'm realeased from the hospital. Didn't last but two weeks before I was back in with more infections. Shortly after to be released again. Did fairly good for a little while but aroung the begining of November I started hardly keeping anything down and losing alot of weight. In one week I lost almost ten lbs. So the Drs at Primarys did a scope to find a huge mass of flesh In my stomach. Not knowing what it was they decided to schedule surgery. Jan 12th '09. On Dec 30 I had a PICC line put in to try to get my weight up. We did TPN feedings 16 hours a day. It was a real bugger. When the surgeon, Dr.Downy, got inside of me he found a great big MESS. After undoing all the stuff the first surgeon did he was able to repair me best he could anyway. Turns out the surgeon who started it all 1. didn't do the nissan in the right place causing eating problem. 2. Didnit fix the para-esophagul hernia which was the reason for the 4th surgery. His nots say he couldn't find he, did he tell us that? NO! 3. Didn't repair the stitch that ws leaking- just wrapped it tight so it would stop. It would have started again had Dr.Downy not found it. 4. Didn't undo the first nissan that was coming undone just did another one over top of it. There were more staples inside of me then Dr.Downy had evry seen inside of anyone. Now my stomach one has one layer left- its supposed to have four or five. hopefully one day it will get back to normal. So from Jan 12th to Feb 2nd I was in the hospital. Now I'm home But I'm not aloud to eat ANYTHING sips of water and gatorade here and there is it! I have Pancreatitis and that is the ONLY treatment for it. I get all my food through a tube that goes straight to my intestine. So I'm always hungry! I have a Drs. appointment on the 17th and hopefully my levels have come down so I will be able to start on a low fat diet. We also found out while i was in the hospital that I'm allergic to milk. So I can't have anything with milk in it for 6 weeks. Did yolu know some gum has milk in it? I found that weird! Well I will blog again later think this is long enough for 1 post. Gabby