Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, me?

Well, as my trusty followers know.
I'm not big on these blog carnivals. 
Every once in awhile maybe.
But I decided to participate this week
It's "Show Us Your Single Boys"
Obviously I'm not a boy.
Well obvious to me anyway. 
Girls are welcome too. :)
I could say that I love deep talks and longs walks.
Which I do.
But I also love talks about nothing.
I love food.
Not so much to eat it.
To be around it.
Maybe have a bite.
I love to cook it!

I like to actively be doing stuff.
Sitting is not good for me.
I often fall asleep. :P 

I like video games.
Gears of War.
Fairytale Fights.
Anything that involves violence me actively playing.

I hate clinginess.
If I need a minute.
Give it to me.
I have health issues. 
If that won't work for you.
Don't be like some and ask me to change what I can't.
I'm not looking for a fling.
I won't put out.

I will however.
Take the time to get to know you.
I will if it's Gods will,
learn to love you.
I will make you my everything. 
Body and mind.

I won't be your mother.
Or that crazy girl that won't leave you alone.
I won't, in the first month, drop my whole life for you and follow your lead.
You can wear the pants
But I won't be in the back watching. 

I sound.
That's not my personality.
I  am learning what I do/don't want and am tired of settling for less

I know. 
I'm young.
Give it time? 

Leave me a comment if you are interested

Guys only please. ;) 

*****My won'ts WILL change. On what God has me to do.*****

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