Friday, July 30, 2010

You've Yet To Convince Me

The new blogger annoys me.
It is a pain to get me signature at the bottom instead of the top.
What good would it do there? 

Big stuff is happening here. 
Really big.
I leave for camp Sunday.
Not for me.
I will actually be working at this camp.
It will be fun.
Saturday, before I leave, I have to go shopping with my Church to get the stuff for this camp.
Saturday night will be great fun.
I'm going to a Sara Evans concert!
With Danny somebody opening. 
I have like a bunch of laundry to do before then.
I have to work today.
And will be gone ALL day tomorrow.
Guess I didn't want sleep anyways. 
Well, I'll get back Friday, have a whole day of busies.
Saturday the 7th, well that's gonna be the best day.
I'm taking my mom Skydiving! 
I can't wait!
It's going to be SO fun.

So on top of all of that taking up the first part of my August. 
I have to pack.
Well, I'm off to College by the 25th of August.
Probably closer to the 20th. 
Mom is pretty much making me go.
"But you are 19."
Yeah, I know this.
But, it makes her happy.
It's not the going away to College that I don't want to do.
It's the going to that College.
Its the leaving Wookie behind.
It's going to just about KILL me....
I love him.

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Annie B said...

I miss church camp! Great place to meet boys back in the day! :)