Tuesday, July 27, 2010

random tidbit

1. My favorite thing to eat is radishes. I think the are amazing.
2. I sleep with an electric blanket, even in the Summer.
3. I hate seeing snot on someones face, which normally occurs in kids. I will wipe it on my pants if I have to, just keep your face clean!
4. My favorite book is Gullivars Travels. Read it, it's wonderful.
5. I long to own a hardback of Gullivars Travels. My life will not be complete until I do.
6. I'm in love with my dog. He is my child and I don't know what I'd do without him.
7. My day starts around noon and ends around 2-3am
8. My College major changes between Psychology and R.N. daily. I think I'll just do both.
9. I LOVE sushi. I could eat it everyday. for the rest of my life!
10. I love to cook.
11. I am not obsessed with Twilight.
12. I love the rain.
13. I like to be the boss. Whether I know what I'm doing or not, listen to me.
14. I've had over 20 CT scans in the last 2 years.
15. I've had a blood transfusion before.
16. I can handle shots, IVs, PICC Lines. And G tubes. But the thought of getting another piercing makes me slightly nauseous.
17. I choose to be blonde. I don't care if other people like it, because I do.
18. I love my car. Bashed in door, broken reflector beam and all. Mostly because it's paid off. ANd I'm the one who paid for it. Makes it much more worth it.
19. I'm going sky diving August 7th, with my mom. It will be amazing and we can't wait.
20. I have 7 older siblings, 6 nieces, 9 nephews and one one the way.
21. My nephew Carter(3) has finally started calling me Auntie, most of the time, and it melts my heart. I will pretty much give him anything when he does it.
22. I love to blog!
23. Most of the people I'm close to don't live in town, I haven't even met 2 of them!
24. I will ride any rollercoaster, even the rocket. But the thought of going on the Farris Wheel causes me grief.
25. I sometimes forget the Wookie isn't human. And have thought things like, "if you want another one just ask." Or "where are your glasses?" I think I might be crazy!

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