Saturday, July 24, 2010


It's been awhile.
I couldn't even tell you what I said in my last post.
Without looking.
The absence of blogging,
Well I wish I could say I've been too busy.
With fun summer things.
But truth is.
My health has gone down hill.
I am nauseous all the time.
I am in pain all the time.
I have a sinus infection. 
A bladder infection.
Bursting cysts. 
All the super fun stuff. 

I've had an x-ray 
I've had an ultrasound.
Oh, the stupid ultrasound.
The couldn't see anything.
They had to do it internally. 
The stupid probe was the size of a vacuum hose. 

I have hardly eaten anything since Sunday. 
Maybe 5oz since Wednesday.
Let me tell you:
For someone who struggles with gaining and maintaining weight.
Going even a day with out eating causes havoc.

I called in to work on Thursday.
I couldn't even sit up.
But felt slightly better yesterday. 
So off to work I went. 
I lasted an hours and a half. 
Then got sent home I felt so awful.
I will try again today.
I still feel awful. 
But hate calling in.
We'll see I guess.

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