Monday, May 23, 2011


My mom before the show. 

I love my eyes here. Something about them just ah. Loverly. 

I can be a very introverted person. In fact, I usually am. I don't enjoy talking. I know I'm a girl and really it should come naturally and be a hobby, but it doesn't and it's not. I have many conversations in my head. They are good conversations too. The kind you want to have. They touch so much deeper than the everyday how are yous?

All dress for Lady Gaga
I realized I hadn't really talked about going to see Lady Gaga in March. My mother and I went, before we started fight. Like a day before. It was awesome. She really puts on a fun show. And who doesn't love being able to dress up all crazy like? I really had an awesome time!

Okay, I have a thing about being polite. Especially to workers at places I go. Not so much to average joes on the street. But I find more I more that I want to apologize for the actions of complete strangers. Like I'm offended to be known as human because of them. I hate it. There is just so much uncalled for cruelty these days. It really makes me tick!

This weekend I'm going out of town. Oh, wait back up. I'm now living in Utah. Working as a live-in Nanny. Okay, back to present thought. This weekend there is a Church thing in Idaho so me and some girl friends are driving up. I'm so excited. It's gonna be so much fun. I love being on the move. Don't so much like car rides. But, seems inevitable when going anywhere far these days.

Oh, exciting bit of news. I road on public transit a few weeks ago. Only the second time ever, I know I'm spoiled. But really I grew up in a town you could walk across its entirety in an hour. Not much public transit there. The other time I was with my mom after the Lady Gaga concert. Some guy tried to pick me up. It was rather funny. Made a comment about pole dancing. I'm like "Hello ---->>> Mother right there..." Some people are just stupid. ****NO I WOULD NOT HAVE GONE WITH HIM HAD MY MOTHER NOT BEEN THERE. JUST MADE IT EVEN WORSE THAT SHE WAS.****

Well, now that I've posted on many different random things. I will shower and go to bed. Because I'm exhausted and this post is not at all what I had planned. That's alright.

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Rebekah said...

My posts never seen to wind up where they're supposed to, either. :)