Monday, September 26, 2011

Settle for a Slow Down

I never seem to be able to think of the "right" words to post lately, so I choose to not post at all. I have so much going on right now in my life. But, most of it I can't share on here. No, I can share is on here. I just won't because then it becomes part of the mess that is controlling my life right now. Some of you know what is going on. Some of you don't. 
Rebekah, call me! Or text. I'm always afraid you will be in class, or getting ready for class, or sleeping!
Know that right now in my life I'm facing something that is extremely hard for me. Once I get the final results. I will post more about it. But until then please just pray. 

I've been bad about always being on the move lately. When I take the time to slow down I seem to be more emotional. So I just go go go go go. Which isn't good for me either. Friday, I had so much to do. Clean, pack, bake pies, go to the bank, all while nannying. My nephew who is 2 had come over for the day to play with my Z-Man(the little guy I nanny) and it was nap time. He wouldn't lay down unless I laid with him. At first I was rather annoyed by this, after all I had work to do. But all at once it hit me as I was holding the sleeping child, that moment was all that mattered. He isn't gonna be little forever. It wasn't more important for me to do all that stuff than for me to hold him. I needed it. He needed it. After our nap we were both much happier. Because those are the moments that really matter. His beautiful sleeping face. Kissing his little forehead. Holding his little hand. That is all that mattered. I got all my stuff done later that day and everything turned back into fast pace soon after the nap. But for those moments time passed slowly. It gave me the chance to soak it all in. It was bittersweet. 

My Z-Man has started looking at me and saying "Abby, I love you when you come back". It just melts my heart. I'm gone most weekends, doing church stuff so by Monday we are both very happy to see each other.

I'm off to the land of Lilliput.... If anyone can name the book I'm reading by that statement I'll give you 500 points!  

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