Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unnecessary Failure.

I was newly 16. Taking my driving test. Did I know how to drive? Yes. I was fine. I was actually a fairly good driver. Still am. But this day I was so nervous. Sitting in the car with the instructor I was about in tears I was so scared. I was shaking. Yeah. It was bad. We made it about halfway through the test when the instructor told me to pull over. Ha, that didn't help the anxiety. She very kindly told me to relax, that she wasn't there to fail me but instead she wanted me to pass. To succeed. That she could see that if I would just relax I would do just fine. But, if I didn't she would have no choice but to fail me. She gave me a second chance. I passed just fine. Ha got a mark for speeding, ha. Had she not slowed me down I would have failed. Just because I was afraid of failing. How much sense does that make? But really how often do we do that to ourselves? We fail for no reason but our own fear. Just something on my mind today. 

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving! I'm excited. It's the only time I LOVE leftovers! Yummy Yummy. I'm actually Bringing stuff this year! When you live there it's a bit hard to bring something and be helpful at the same time. I'm doing the Deviled Eggs(which I do every year anyways) I'm doing the Relish Tray... Lots of cooking involved there... And a Strawberry Jello Casserole the my Great Aunt used to make.  It's so yummy. So not a lot of cooking involved but it will still be fun! And then my in town Bestie and I will head to Utah for the night and do black Friday! It will be so much fun! I'm so excited!! And then to Idaho for a Church conference. It's awesome! 

Then right after Christmas we are going to Tuscon Arizona for another Conference. I'm pretty excited over here. It might only be in the 60's and raining BUT that's better than the below 0's. :) 

Well, I've had a kidney stone for 2 weeks. I'm miserable from it. But life doesn't slow down so neither do I! Hopefully it will pass soon because I refuse to be in the hospital. REFUSE! 

Okay. My computer is broke so I'm blogging from my moms netbook that she's letting me borrow.I will try to write again later. The 3 year old keeps me busy though. 

What are you all thankful for? I'm going to write a thankful post here shortly. 

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