Tuesday, March 24, 2009


AHH. So I had my J tube removed on Tuesday the 17 and then the hole thing got infected man was it painful friday it was just getting worse so we went down to primarys and Dr.Downy admitted me to the hospital!!! What a fun way to spend the weekend:( It was Troys first day back in town and I end up in a different town in the hospital. Not great! SO I was put on Iv antibiotics and played the waiting game all weekend. They weren't sure if they needed to do surgery to remove the pocket of fluid or if it would resolve itself. So monday it was decided theey would put a pin rose drain in. So we went down to the RTU and they put me under and the put it in and slowly over the next week we were supposed to pull it out at home. Well this morning when the Resident came by to check on me he didn't realize the the tube was safety pinned the the gauze and when he lifted the gauze it pulled out the tube. I was asleep and when I woke up and noticed this hey called the surgeon but luckily The didn't have to put another one in we just have to pack gauze in to it which is grose and painful but we got to come home where as if I had to be put under again we woulld have had to stay another night. So now I feel like I'm getting a cold which isn't good. But my sister that lives with me found a house and the seller accepted the bid so they will be moving out soon, also she went to the dr yesterday and is dialated to a 3 so we could have a baby anytime now! I'm excited and glad to be home. *Gabby

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