Monday, March 9, 2009

Long wait....

Its been a long couple of weeks! With my J tube telescoping, causing me to have these episodes where i get nauseous then as that goes away I get really light headed and if I happen to be standing when this happens I crash to the floor. AND kidney stones. It's very hard to be happy right now with all this going on. But I'm okay with it. i know I'll be happy again one day. On a happier note I'm aloud to eat cheese right now... Too bad I haven't found the joy in eating yet. My doctors are discusing putting me on an anti-depressent, I'm for it I guess. it should give me more energy, help me sleep and increase my appitite! That would be wonderful! Considering I don't have one right now. The only thing that sounds good is sushi... Well and mushrooms but they don't have calories so they do no good. I'm so ready for summer, I'm not at all an outdoorsie person but its like I'm craving to be outside. I would really love to be at the lake playing in the dirt. Last summer was spent in the hospital, well most of it here anyway... I went down to the pound a couple times but not enough. I was out of town for most of june and worked till I had surgery july 17. I'm actually starting to miss work. I'm hoping to start back the begining of april. But I want to work nights instead. We went shopping on saturday and finally found me a dress for the wedding. Its not as form fitting as i would like, it makes me look 5 years younger. But its cute. And the right color so it will do. I'm ready for all this wedding stuff to be over, luckily it will be saturday. I get to keep my two year old nephew for a few days after the wedding so my sis and her hubby can have a kinda hunnymoon. I say kinda because she is eight month pregnant and huge. But in a good way. I'm going to try to figure out how to post some pictures. Its amazing how much different i look just from Christmas. I was so skinny then, I know I'm no where near fat now but I feel big. Gaining 15lbs would make anyone feel fat. Gabby*

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