Monday, April 20, 2009


It was so very nice outside yesterday! I actually got a sunburn! It was great. I hung out with some friends and we went to a park, amazing. This park has an actual train that you can climb on, very interesting, I use to go there all tthe time as a kid but hadn't been in a few years. It also had this spider web thing that we climbed up. then it started to wobble. Be twenty plus feet in the air and having the pole wobble... Not the greatest thing for someone who already has anxiety attacks for no reason. But I made it, if I can get this silly computer to work I will post the pictures. I'm in a better mood. Not a great mood but a better mood. AH I just found out my friend is having her gall-bladder removed tomorrow! You think someone could have told me? NOPE! Well I must end this post and go get information!

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