Friday, July 22, 2011

Just another day.

Hello, I'm still in beautiful CA. We toured the Navy Base yesterday. My Cousin is n the Navy so that made it easy! The ships are huge! This is the fishing dock. It made me smile! Not really sure why, but it did

So I have a story to share. The other day at the pool this old man came just a few minutes before we left. He got in the pool. His body visibly worn with age. He started going back and forth. It took him rough 5 minutes to go one way. But, he still did it. He didn't give up because it was hard. Or because he wasn't as fast as someone younger. He did it. He worked as hard as he could. I think sometimes we give up too easily. We take to heart what other people think of us and go with the flow. While it matters to a certain point what others think of us, all that really matters in the end is what go thinks of us. Are we pleasing Him with our actions or just doing something to please the human race. Or both?

Just something on my mind.

Well, plans here keep changing and we didn't make it to the zoo today. Hopefully tomorrow!

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