Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life, . .

Really. Life? Is this the way we are always going to get along? I keep my chin up. You learn to kick harder? I'm definitely not a fan of you right now. I want a full nights sleep and a hot shower. You give me a car. I'm sick of you. But, not giving into you just yet. I have options. You will see. One day I wont be this girl anymore. I will succeed. Partially at least. I will find the joy that the Lord has promised. When I do. You better watch out, I won't let you harm me anymore. SO enjoy it while you can....

I want this^^ to be my outlook right now. I really really do. But it's not. My outlook is poor. I'm tired. Exhausted. Falling apart. I have nowhere to go. I was living with my grandma. I was enjoying it, mostly. She was over the moon about it. Then, I finally got convinced to go into the Dr for my lungs. There may have been kicking and screaming on my part. But, nonetheless I went in. Well folks, my lungs and airways are inflamed. great. I'm not allowed to be around anyone with any type of cold or flu. Because the bacteria will plant itself in the susceptible tissue and I will be very sick. At the beginning of Winter my Dr told me to be very careful because the slightest lung infection, with the condition of my lungs, would land me at the very least in the hospital. She gave me all kinds of shots. I did very good. But, now this. Okay what does that have to do with my grandma?She has Bronchitis. Can't go there. Don't have the money to go up to Wyoming, or the time. Leaves me with my connections here. Lets just say last night was not fun. 

To top the cake, I woke around 1130 last night having a pretty severe reaction to the medicine that they gave me to heal my lungs, luckily I was able to run into wal-mart and get some benedryl before my throat shut. So here I am. Stuck in a strange city, no where to stay. ALlergic to the med that will help so I can find somewhere to stay. Oober annoyed. My lungs are killing me. I'm exhausted. Alrighty. Can someone say "calm down Gabby" please? 

I love that it's the people on here that really care! I have gotten so many offers for places to stay. And am really considering them. Thank you all for caring! 

So Life, get ready. I will be back. 

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