Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wait... Are you sure?

Alright, I don't want to post this. But this is where I come for everything. SO here it is.
(I can feel a migraine coming on so this may be cut short.)

I went to a routine check up with my Rheumatologist yesterday. I'm supposed to go once a year, I went once... three years ago. So they get a checking, my pulse was high. BP low. Alright. They get a feeling around. Neck, shoulders. "Hmm, I think you have an enlarged thyroid." Alright now big deal that can be fixed. They get a listening to my lungs and find that I have NO breath sounds in my lower lungs. Hmm. Alright. That mixed with fast heart rate... They order an EKG. They do it. The Dr comes back in. "Well the results from that look.... Alright... So we are gonna do an echocardiogram" Uh, excuse me that makes no sense. Well. You see they thing because of my decreased lung function my heart has had to work a lot hard causing it to become enlarged. Not a good thing. So I have a slew of blood test done. 14 10cc tubes to be exact! (I'm pretty sure that was close to all I had!) And an xray. Then I had the echo. The tech was not very good at not giving away that there was some kind of a problem. SHe'd be talking then suddenly become silent her eyes would go big and she would take a million pictures of the same thing and listen to the rhythm and all that. But she was just a tech and not allowed to say what she was seeing.

Now I sit and play the waiting game. Wait. Wait. Wait.

I hate this.

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