Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because some people do.

Well, I have been out of bed and actually doing something since just after 10 this morning. Which that in itself is pretty good for me. I've not had much luck eating today. I still feel like dirt. my temp just went from 100.2 to 100.7 in like two minutes. My Drs appointment isn't tell Thursday night. So I get to feel like dirt for two more days. I've had a low grade fever for the last few days. But haven't had one all morning. until now :(. My computer is still in the shop :( went down to check on it today... The silly place was closed. Goodness. Just my luck. They have had it almost two weeks and I'm going crazy. I didn't think I was that attached to it. But I guess I was wrong. Once I get it back I'm gonna post some pictures!!! Haven't been able to do that FOREVER.

So the oh so famous question in my life is... "how are you?" And certain people can ask me it and I'm fine. But some people, most people just drive me crazy when they ask. Why? some because I know they don't really care. Others because their care isn't a real care. Its just the being polite. And some people are just being nosey. But on here, I know you guys ask because you really care. And that helps. Really... So I will answer that today. Me. Well I'm still here. Each day it gets easier to live. Well most days anyway. I'm still struggling with getting out. In my own house, my own bed, I know I'm okay. out in the world, I'm not so okay. Being at work, most of the time I'm okay. Except when I pass out. And passing out there brings the fact that I am sick into my work place. Which makes it difficult. The people look at me different. Different isn't always bad. But in this case, its not good either.

I've actually been doing pretty good the last couple of days. Mood-wise. But then came sunday. For some reason I just wasn't okay. Everything anyone said, just made me want to cry. As I've said before, I don't like to cry. I hardly ever do it. But lately, I've wanted to. In order to keep myself from crying. I get really quiet. Which if you know me, I'm already a quiet person. I don't know why I feel this way. I do know that I want it to go away.

Kids drive me crazy. Not all kids. Most kids though. Especially the ones that live with me. Right now I'm listening to one of them cry, as they stand in time-out, for not doing their homework. He hasn't been spanked, yet he still cries. Drive me crazy. Really. CRAZY! Things like that, I use to be able to handle, now, yeah right. So I'll just continue to drink my vanilla latte from McDonald's (second on of the day) and ignore the child.

I'm getting annoyed with the thermometer! I think it needs new battery's... Or my temp. is really wacko! Its going from 100.8 to 96.4... Hmm some how I don't think its right that its going back and forth. But thats just me.

Mom is making soup for dinner... MMM... It's a soupy day. Soup is just good when you're sick. *Gabby


Kellee said...

Boo for having a tem and fake caring people!!


Yay for soup!

Kellee said...

Ohh I forgot..I tried to facebook you but it wouldnt come up =/