Saturday, October 24, 2009

i like...

I like people who wear shorts and winter coats. They're great. I like the smell of rain. It's calming. I like anything spandex. It's amusing. I like Sunny D. It's just good. I like old grumpy men. They make me laugh. I like to blog. It's relaxing. I like stupid commercials . Who doesn't? I like peanut butter. On stuff, or just by the spoonful :). I like crime shows. They freak me out though. I like mustard and onion on my burgers. I love mustard. So what do you like? I'd love to hear.

It's been a long weekend. I just got off work. Just spiked a fever:(. Made the boy dinner. Ate a cookie. My sister is coming to stay over... Haven't heard the story yet. I suppose that she had a fight with her husband. Now I get to try to deal with 3 extra people in the house.
I went to the dr Thursday. Things went well. I have pink eye. But other then that I supposedly healthy. Just spiking fevers randomly.... Changing my meds again which is always hard on me. I'm not feeling real great. So I'm gonna go lay down. Hopefully I'll have my computer but soon and will be able to post more often.. *Gabs

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Nicole said...

I like wearing sweaters and flip flops at the same time. I like gentle, heavy rain that I can stand out in and laugh. I like leggings under my pants, like a secret. I love that commercial where the father notices that Chef Boyardee has servings of vegetables in it and the mother hits the pans so the son DOESNT hear the father say that about the veges in the Chef Boyardee...I like peanut butter on apples. I like food competition shows because I am a food addict. I like pickles and ketchup on my burger. I also like trashy books by celebrities,being the 1st to know a news story and the details at work, delicious gossip, fat pens, fat cats, fat baby cheeks, CEREAL, and knowing a person who is a brand new mix of variations never before imagined by anyone else on earth.