Monday, October 5, 2009

Okay so I'm not sure whats going on with the header for my blog... When I look at it it says it's been deleted. I haven't messed with anything to do with my blog in so long though so I just don't know. Right now I'm feeling pretty rough. Stayed in bed until 12, got up for a little while, went back to bed. Mom got me back up around 130. We had a huge blow out fight which ended with me leaving. Since I had no place to go I drove to the park sat there for a good 30 minutes just crying. I hate crying. Came back home because I had to get ready for work. Went to work. about 630 got extremely nauseous. Ran to the bathroom. Dry heaved for 20 minutes. Was able to pick myself up off the disgusting bathroom floor. Back to front counter. Manager says he called someone in and that I should go home. Oh goodness I was happy. I still feel just awful don't know how I would have made it through the rest of the night at work. SO that's how my day went.

Yesterday wasn't any better. got up around 830, normally I get up around 9 but mom wanted me to go to the store. So I throw some clothes on, go get some donuts. Come back home get ready for Church. Bout half way through Sunday school I get this awful headache. Take some tylonel. Make it through the rest of church. Come home, make lunch for the boy because mom is sick. One of them is refusing to talk so I put him in the corner. (with out lunch) (I'm mean, its my way or the highway) Go upstairs to check on mom, she is running a fever of 103.5 and is VERY out of it. Give her some tylonel. Call my older sister to see what I should do. It's decided to take her to the er. She can't though because she is 8 months preggo and doesn't want to get sick. Call my other sister, she's asleep but is getting up to help me take her, call my OTHER sister, she agrees to take the twins while I have mom at the hospital. The one boy decides that its not worth it talks to me, I let him have his lunch and a donut. My sister gets to the house we try to get mom out of bed she says no because our hands are to cold, we say sorry no choice, she complain the the dresser drawers are open. finally get her to the car. Head to the er. The get her back fairly quickly. After me trying to give all her info because she is way too out of it to do anything. The do a breathing treatment. A chest x-ray. And the test for swine flu. The breathing treatment helps a lot. Chest x-ray and swine flu test both come back negative. DR decides she probably still has swine flu( Yeah we don't like this dr, we got her once when I was having fainting spells and she told my mom to shut up... didn't go so well, then she told me it was because I was worried about my weight and wasn't eating enough. even though I had eatin two fairly large meals before I passed out.) SO they gave her an inhaler and some cough syrup and sent us home. I grabbed us some dinner. brought her home. Went and got her meds. came home and dozed for an hour or so, went to church. Picked the boys up from my sister. Got them to bed. Did the laundry the dishes and took my meds. Got yelled at for not making mom dinner. Went to bed. ... SO as you can tell the last few days have been pretty stressful. Now I'm tired and must go to bed and hope whatever bug I have is gone by morning so I can go to work. *Gabs

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