Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In the Dark.

"Baby loves to dance in the dark, 'cause when he''s looking she falls apart"

I'm late for "Not Me Monday" but I'm gonna post a few anyway.

I was not me in the tanning bed when the power outage happened today. I did not freak out because it was pitch black and I was naked. I did not think about opening the door a bit to let light in so I could find my clothes.

I did not stay up past 3am play a fighting game with my sister on the xbox. We were not slicing people in half and laughing hysterically at each other. I didn't happen to say something as stupid as "my girl won't stop all I'm doing is holding down the move button...?" Not me I'm way better at video game then that.

While we were in of sleep deprived craze my sister did not say something about her eyeball being on replay.... I did not pause the game I die laughing before telling her the song says IPOD on replay. We did not argue about it for the next 30+ minutes. No we are way above petty things like arguing over words to songs.

My puppy did not throw up in my bed the next morning and before I could get up he did not proceed to eat it. This scene did not happen 3 time before I was able to get to it.

I did not encourage my 3yo nephew to name his bottom. That would be weird and could cause psychological damage. I would NEVER do that.

I will try to get a post up after school tonight! About what I've been up to... We'll see though. *Ga5bby

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