Tuesday, April 27, 2010

..... Crazy night!

Hey followers! It's been crazy here. I've been pretty sick. Lots of pain. But had two days where I was able to eat, that was an improvement before going back to everything tasting awful. I'm on 800mg Ibprofen during the day and tramadol at night and still having pain. I missed my first class tonight because of it, and would have skipped the second if I didn't have to do a presentation. SO I went, got an A on the presentation, so it was worth the being uncomfortable for a couple hours. Still not doing great at math. But only a couple more weeks and it will be over. Doing well in Psych and Computers makes up for it though. :)

Had a couple awful experiences the last couple days:
Saturday I was at work, when I felt something bite my leg. I freak out saying something just bit me. Everyone I was working with was like whatever you're crazy. I went in the bathroom took off my pants, this little spider falls out!!! Oh goodness did have have a freak out!!! Tore the rrest of my clothes off and shook them out. Took about 10minutes for me to pull myself together enough to go back to working. It was AWFUL!!!

Then tonight, I get home from school. Eat a grilled cheese(because it's national grilled cheese month!!!). Sit down to have so much needed computer time. Wookie starts barking in the kitchen, mom says maybe he needs to go out. I get up get my shoes on get his leash on and open the back door someone runs out of our little yard and around the fence I can see their feet on the other side of the fence. I run back inside and lock the door. Shut the blinds. Tell mom. She calls the police. They come and talk and then go out to search the area. Still are now I think. I'm still shaken up. Doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight. The policeman said he thinks it was probably just teenagers messing around. But I still have an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hate that someone was watching through the window, probably as I made my sandwich and soup. I hate the feeling that I've been violated. I hate that my puppy is being confused because I'm not spanking him for pottying in the house because I'm too afraid to take him outside. I really hate it!!!

I have Pleurisy again. On top of all the other pain I experience of a daily basis, it hurts to breathe. It puts me in a worse mood then usual. But still not a horrid mood. Mainly because I'm trying to remain positive before I completely crash again. It's not easy. Many things have come up this week that have had me in tears. But I'm still fighting. Because, there is a dim light at the end of this tunnel. Any light, even dim, is better then this darkness.

SO what do you think of my new signature? I would still love for someone to make me a button... I have no clue how to even begin something like that!!! So if anyone has some free time and would like to... I would love it!!!! It took probably a half hour searching google to get that simple signature. So If you can make a cuter, more girlie one... That'd make my day/month/year.

So I don't have any kids. Surprised? You shouldn't be.... Well unless this is the first time you've read my blog... In which case... Surprise... But for those of you who have followed for any amount of time would know that I'm young, single, and not even sure that it's possible. But I do have a puppy, his name is Wookie. He is sweet, and crazy. SO I was thinking, for all us puppy-parents, I would start a Weekly/monthly bloggy thingy "Things You Shouldn't Have to Say to Your Dog"! What do you think??? Would you contribute? If you don't want to, that's cool, but come by and read my funnies!!!

Okay, well I'm ending this post here. Even though I probably won't sleep... But whatever. I'm tired of hearing me think of what to type. Yeah okay, lets go with that!!!

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