Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not Just a Nightmare

"There he is, watching me through the window. Smiling, oh that smile, so warm inviting with the evilness underneath. Holding that stupid knife. I hate that stupid knife. Wookie starts barking. I casually look over. At first glance it's fine. But then I realize, It's him, he's back. I start to scream. I try to run. I can't. He just stares at me. Suddenly my feet are moving, I can't control them. Forward I go. Towards the door. I'm screaming "no stop"!! Wookie is barking. biting at my pants. I reach the door. I'm reaching for the lock. I can't stop myself! No I scream... But I don't listen I unlock the door. He bursts in. Lunging towards me with the knife. I scream."

Then I awoke. In so much pain I could hardly move. My mouth was full of blood. Tears streaming down my face. My pillow soaked.

I can't handle these nightmares. They seem to be getting worse. I was up the rest of the night after this. Partly because everytime I closed my eyes I could see his stupid face, partly because my face was killing me. Yes, I have a battle scar for this stupid nightmare. I bit my lip apparently. Not just a little, I have a sore about the size of a quarter. The swelling is finally going down. This all happened Wednesday night. Hardly slept since. When I have it's been in my chair with Wookie on my lap. Not been able to eat much. Had a lot of bananas. Some noodles. Which I'm thinking I should have some now.

Another thing... We went out last night. To have a nice family dinner... We wanted Chinese... We know that the food isn't worth the trouble, but we went anyway. So there we are at a place called Hunan Garden. It looks like a scene out of an 80's movie. But it's Evanston... SO really what do you expect? (the other chinese place was closed for a long time. The got in trouble with the health department... For serving seagull... Can you say gross? Small town USA?) It's run by a little chinese lady, the Hunan GArden that is. SHe is crazy. We call her the Chinese Nazi. Seriously, it's so fitting it's crazy... She's been in jail recently for credit card fraud... Small town USA? Every year she has to go to china to renew her visa... Yeah... She doesn't speak much english. I'm not sure she knows how to smile. Well back to the story, We went. Got there around 6pm. The four of us. Ordered around 630pm... Sat and sat.... Then sat some more.... Then around 730pm she's brings us 2 of our 5 dishes. Okay... We start eating, we're hungry.... Well They were room temperature. Yuck!! Finally after about 15 minutes we get the rest of our food. The fried rice had veggies in it... It never has veggies in it. Gross. Not okay. SO one dish out. We don't complain though. We didn't say we didn't want veggies in it... Well my mom wanted chow mein. Personally, I don't love it.But whatever. So my mom is eating this chow mein she got making the weirdest faces... ??? .... Taste this she says, I think it tastes odd. So I put some on my plate. Take a bite. Chew for a minute. Spit that nasty stuff out. Seriously it was rotten. Or something. Not okay. So we get the Nazi over to our table, and the uhm, Drink getter/table cleaner, we say it's bad we don't want it. the drink getter/table cleaner picks it up. The Nazi take it from her and puts it back on our table and says "na ee righ" The DG/TC picks it back up explaining once again that we DON'T want the nasty food. Nazi takes it, puts it back on the table saying "na lee ee here ee righ." This went back and forth a few more times. My mom got fed up. We left. I dry heaved for a good 2 hours after that. And nothing has sat well with my stomach today. Stupid Nazi. Stupid food. Stupid dream. Okay. I'm gonna eat and head to bed. Hoping to make it to church tomorrow...

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