Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Change of Pace

 I've spent a lot of time writing about the bad lately. Maybe too much? Life isn't all bad. These are some photos my friend Teal and I took back in April. 

 Lots of silliness involved in a day with us two. :) 

 My Grandpa calls me Hollywood... I have no idea why! 

Hahaha don't ask.  
 If your first thought is "Gabby, what on earth are you doing up there? You are going to get hurt." That is a valid assessment. But I didn't get hurt. And it made for some cute pictures! 

 We had so much fun taking these pictures and the lighting was perfect. 
  Our personalities fit together perfectly most of the time. Never a dull moment. 
 We get asked if we are sisters all of the time. :) I don't mind the compliment. Teal is so pretty. 
 I was telling her something, I can't even remember what. But she snapped the photo at the perfect time!

See perfect lighting! I love the way this picture looks. 

Teal is most definitely a great friend when she wants to be. And we always have a blast. I love talking to her. She is just awesome.

The Princess is in trouble, in a tower guarded by a fire breathing dragon named Frodi. Before the Prince can rescue her he has to slash through a three headed dog. He makes it to the dragons lair where he has to sing to put Frodi to sleep. After slashing through scales and piercing to his heart, he kills Frodi and gains passage to the Princess. They marry and live happily ever after. 
This is the best bedtime story I have ever heard. My L told it to me the other night. Like I talked about in the last post. That relationship isn't like the one with Teal. I'm scared of the friendship. But I'm fine being completely open. Things happen and I want to tell her. It all is new to me. But I think I will keep trying instead of hiding. See I've tried the hiding thing and it always ends the same. But I haven't tried the sticking it out through my fear thing. The few people in my life that I do trust, it has taken me awhile to trust. So being able to trust her completely right away.... It just scares me. But I'm trying it. I'm a very determined person when I want to be. And I want to be about this. Here is to adventure. To expanding. TO finding who I am again.

Sparkles and glitter- it's what I say to myself anytime I start to get upset now. Because that's what I want to be. Not this dark and scary person. But when you are dark and scary. It becomes really hard to maintain a sparkles and glitter disguise. But I'm trying. Which is all I can do, right? It's all any of us can do.

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