Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coming to you from the 4th floor computer lab.... I've been a horrible blogger.... Sorry... College is, well College. And I've just been busy. Hurting my feet didn't help. I'm still in the cast. But discarded the crutches... I was SOOO over them. My toe was doing quite well... Then I caught it on a stupid backpack. I'm pretty much back to square 1 with it. Just with out the purple and blue colors. I’m off the pain meds, for the most part. Still taking Aleve but that’s over the counter. Hoping by this weekend they are doing fine. But I doubt it. As I had to ice my foot earlier because it hurt so bad…. I really don’t want to see an orthopedic surgeon. I don’t trust most surgeons. Except the one I already have. I really don’t want to break in a new one. Humph.

Well in other news. I got 88% on the pop quiz in Phlebotomy. That was nice. An A would have been better. But I’ll take the B. That class is crazy. The Teacher is pretty good but it’s her 1st time teaching… SO she isn’t quite sure on everything. Some of the people in the class drive me bananas. On of the ladies looks angry all the time. If she ever came in to take my blood I would probably cry. Really she’s scary. But most of them are pretty nice. Some have no clue about anything. And make me bananas. But they’re nice….

I have an English paper/draft due tomorrow. But I think It’s pretty much done. Might add a few more things tonight. It’s on Identity. Fun. No. Writing a paper about myself… Not my idea of a good time. Now, writing a paper on Hitler or Michael Jackson, that would be interesting. Me. No not really. Hopefully I do okay in this class. I haven’t written many papers in my schooling. The first one I ever wrote I got a C on last year… Which is passing…. 

I miss Wookie SO much. It’s breaking my heart being away from him. I hate sleeping alone. I hate not waking up and having him come lick my hands and face so excited to see me. I hate always being alone, when I’m alone. It’s new to me. He is always in the room with me at home. Usually right next to me. Chewing on my pants. Trying to kiss my face. Biting my hands. I really miss him. Next semester I’m gonna have to get an apartment. One that will allow me to have Wookie. Most will with the notes I have. SO it shouldn’t be too hard…. I haven’t been sleeping well without him. Or much at all. I just lay there a lot. It’s not much fun. I look forward to the weekend all week. And hardly leave him the whole time I’m home. I know it’s not normal to miss my dog more than my family. But its true. I love him. SOOO much. I talk to him on the phone some nights. Sounds silly, but its true. He really is mans best friend. Or womans in this case. 

All the pain stuff I’ve had to take has really done a toll on my body. I’ve had a headache ALL day. It’s pretty miserable. My stomach hurts most of the time. My kidneys aren’t happy with me. My liver. Well we don’t talk that often so I don’t really know… ;) 

Management will be posting this when she gets a chance!! I do love her. Thanks again!!!

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