Friday, June 5, 2009

Another day.

Hello from PCMC. Its been a long couple of days. I will start at the begining, Monday all was fine and dandy, I felt a little off from have 50ccs of blood..... About 3:30pm I started having awful stomach pain took some ibprofen AND tylonel didn't help at all. took a shower and by the time i got all all i could do was lay on my bed wreching in pain. We called the dr he said to head to the ER which is about 1 hour away we got there round 7:30 couple a doses of morphine and 6 drs later they decided to admit me. We finally got to a roomat two or three, I didn't sleep much. Had an ultrasound that morning everything looked great. An upper GI, a scope, and tons of x rays later they still aren't sure whats going on. If they can find the right dr and right kinds of medicine I will go home today. *Gabby


Jen VBK said...

Hey...I know that you have no idea who I am, but I came across your blog through a link. I just had my gall bladder out and your symptoms sound a lot like mine. I was having extreme pain and the normal tylenol combo was not helping at all. They did an ultrasound and all was normal, but when they did a hida scan (sp?), they found out that my gall bladder wasn't working properly. Hope you feel better soon. :-)

Ginger Lamar said...

WOW! I can not imagine going through everything you have been through! I will be praying for you. Hope you feel better soon.

Kellee said...

Im kellee and I just found your blog through Aprils moms blog!
I love new blog friends and just wanted to stop in and say Hi =)

I look forward to following you =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabby!

I am so sorry for all that you are going through. I know you are in PICU and are fighting your own battles. However, I incourage you to take down the "Praying for April Rose" button. Alot has gone on in the past few days, and unfortionatly "B" has been exposed and April is not real. I know her site dealt daily with these accusations (sorry I can't spell), as I was an advid follower of hers. There are so many people who have been hurt by this. I know you are a Christain and have been praying for B, D and April and I feel you should know what has happened. Her site has been taken down and her friend Raechel that was updating during Aprils birth has released a statement. I am not writting this to spread rumors. I am writting to let you know, as I have prayed for this family as have many, many others. I wanted to email this to you, but did not see an address in your profile.

I will continue to pray for you and your health, as well as follow your blog!

Anonymous said...

I did not realize you had to pre-approve your comments, and in that case please email me if you want details about any of this. Many of us just want to forget about this, but many more feel scammed and are looking for any answers they can. You can reach me at Again, I am very sorry if this is the last thing you want to hear about while fighting your own battles, but many of the women invested in this are either sick themselves or had children that had the same conditions as "April" and have been searching for answers.