Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well to start I want to say hello to my IRL friend Courtney who has just started reading my blog, she is amazing. Check out her blog at http://www.theworldof-courtney.blogspot.com/. We took our younger kids to the park this afternoon and it was fun. It is finally not raining everyday which is lovely. I enjoy being outside sometimes. She is also the one who took all the lovely pictures of me that I posted awhile back. Lovely.

I've been getting out a little more lately Doctors orders. I tried to go down to the college to sign up for classes yesterday but no one was available to help so I will have to go back another day. I went to lunch with a friend and had lots of fun. I've decided that I'm not going to go back full time at the nursing home... EVER. I'm gonna go talk to them about maybe working one or two days a month just to keep my CNA active. I'm going to apply at the daycare because that's where I would like to work. With little kids.

Found out today that my iron is super low which is why I'm so very tired. So now on top of all the other medicines I'm taking I have to take 150mg of iron a day. The pills make me sick though. Also They are decreasing the Dexomethazone and the TPN even more. I'll be off the Dexomethazone by my Birthday and starting probably my birthday the TPN will go to every other night for two weeks and then as long as I'm still eating enough I will be completely off it. Not sure how long it will be before I get my PICC line out because I take the Zofran through it but hopefully by the end of summer I will be done with all this stuff. Wouldn't that be Peachy.

Overall I guess I'm not doing to bad. I'm still having a hard time with all the emotions that I'm experiencing but am able to control them a little better I guess.

The book I'm reading is New Moon. I haven't really been able to get into it. I've been reading it since November. It just doesn't grab my attention. But I hear then next two are wonderful so I'm trying to get through it.

Well that's all for tonight. I'm going to have a snack and get into bed. I'm surprised I've made it this late. I usually fall asleep around 7-730 so this is rather late for me.

I think I'll open this post up to any questions you have for me. Medical-Mental-Life. Anything. Ask away. Really please do. I need something to do.

Okay have a wonderful night. Crackers and peanut butter here I come! *Gabby


naqiubex said...

Glad that you are better than before..
Ive always read your post and its look like you are kinda gloomy and sad..
But i still read them.. I think Your life is challenging..

Well.. ja... happy blogging..

Court said...

Wow, I feel as honored as Queen Elizabeth when she found out she was the only heir to the thrown! Laughs* Thanks for mentioning me, and introducing me to Blogger!
Anything you post will remain private. I understand how you feel about "This is my thing, where I don't have to worry about who's reading what I've written"
Anyhow, I finally learned how to "Follow" your blogs so, that's nice, Laughs*
Have a lovely day at PT.

lovey said...

Hey girl, I have missed you. Sorry to hear about the hospital stay. Keep your spirits up...you do have much more than "average" to deal with. Take care, Laurie

Nicole said...

is that one of the teen vampire books?
I love reading...currently reading 3 books: Sweet Valley High:Wrong Kind of Girl (I dont care if I am 30, some of my fav memories are of reading, and these books were my whole life back in the day, so I am indulging, like good chocolate...)Stolen Innocence about the FDLS relgious group and The Beans of Egypt Maine(struggling to get into it. the author is a reclusive old school Maine redneck who has become famous).
Did you read any of those books growing up? like Babysitters Club or Sweet Valley or anything?