Friday, September 4, 2009

McFlurry... ITEMS???

I'm lovin' the new look! I especially love the song she put on here. Thank you so much for doing this for me!

I just ate a very yummy peach! I love fresh fruit! Fresh veggies are great too! I really just love food. I will try just about anything! Ha kinda icky but true fact about me. I often put stuff in my mouth chew it then spit it out. That way it doesn't make me nauseous! We a a contest at church to see who could eat their doughnut fastest, mind you that this doughnut was on a string, we were laying down and someone was holding it over our mouths. I lost :(. But managed to get almost the whole doughnut in my mouth with out swallowing. I am not handling food very well right now. It very often is making me very sick. So I try to eat. But if it has very much of anything good or bad for me in it, it makes me ill.

I work graveyard shift tonight... 12-6. But I don't have to work tomorrow so that's good! I'm excited to be going back to the nursing home! Not only does it pay very nice, but I mostly enjoy the atmosphere.

I worked all day yesterday. By the end of my shift, I was so out of it, it was probably amusing to those watching. Well I decided that I wanted a McFlurry. I had just worked 8 hours I deserved some ice cream. Well I don't know what other McDOnalds have but ours has this little machine on the wall, you stick the end of the spoon on it, stick the spoon in the ice cream, turn it on and it spins and mixes the ice cream well I did the above mentioned steps, but instead of it stirring the ice cream... I dropped the cup the spoon being covered in vanilla ice cream and oreo mix still spinning. Me not thinking while being covered in the mixture decides to grab the spoon so it stops flinging the stuff everywhere. Well lets just say I'm very glad it didn't break my fingers... It came very close. And that's my story. Laugh. Laugh all you want. I felt so stupid. And looked like I had just been in a food fight.

I had family therapy today. I guess it went good. There was a lot of crying. I don't like crying...
I'm going to a star wars party. At Courtney's house. Till about 7 or 8. Then I'm coming home and going to bed before its time to go to work. But before I go I'm gonna tell you one more silly thing I did.
Today while having lunch with my mom at her office I see this coloring book, It says "fun TIMES coloring book." I look at it and say "hmm they spelt ITEMS wrong." UHM okay blonde moment. :) Well maybe I will blog tomorrow. Depends on how tired I am!!! Hope all are well!!! *Gabs

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Nicole said...

I love crying. Its a guilty pleasure for me. It just seems like such an honest expression of emotion. I cry at my desk at work like once a week...