Friday, September 25, 2009

Not again

OH goodness! I really wanted to really blog tonight. But Its pretty late, I have to work tomorrow. :( I volunteered though. Don't know why. But it will be good for me. When I'm home I'm usually in bed. My counselor tells me that its not good for me to stay in bed all of the time, even though that's all I ever feel like doing, and then I feel guilty for doing it because I'm really not sick anymore and don't need to stay in bed.
So its been a hard week. Emotionally. Not really different from any other week. I'm just not able to handle anything right now. So really I have a lot of emotions to blog about. When I get the chance.
I feel bad. I've really pulled back inside myself more this last month. I don't really talk to anyone. Not even the people I really care about. But I don't know what to say. And I'm so tired of being asked if I'm okay. Seriously I think next time someone asks me that, I might just fall to pieces. And you guys are wonderful and don't ask me that!
As for the few that suggested I have my mom read my blog. That would be a great idea. Is a great idea. But if I do that then that brings her into the blog world. I don't Check Spellinglove that idea. I like being able to say whatever I want about whom ever I please. The only person I know IRL That is aloud to read it is Courtney. And that's because if I have a problem with her and I post it on here chances are I'm already told her about it so it doesn't really matter.
AND Nicole! I love that idea! I will certainly start working on that post as soon as a get a free minute to free my head! SO watch for it! And if anyone has any other questions that want me to answer in that post, I will be happy to do my best at answering them so just leave me a comment or email me. address is on the side there.
Okay now that I've spent way more time then I had on this post, I MUST be getting to bed. Love to all. Goodnight *Gabs

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