Saturday, September 26, 2009

You spin my head right round!

Saturday 26, 2009

Oh goodness! Its been a day! Not a good day either! I don't even know where to start! I went to work at nine. Did NOT feel like getting outta bed. Kept pushing snooze! Finally got up at 830. Had a horrid headache and sore throat, went to work anyways. Got there. IT was crazy busy! We were having a special sale. About 1030, all I remember is this blood curdling scream, someone yelling that truck just ran over that kid, I grabbed on to the cash register so that I didn't fall over, then I hear my voice asking someone to call 911. My managers run outside. along with everyone else in the lobby. I hold on for dear life just focusing on breathing. Someone comes in and says the mom grabbed the boy yelled at her husband to unlock the van got in and drove off. They said his legs were curled up behind him, and looked like they were bleeding. He of course was screaming, WHich in my opinion was good, meant he was alive. But we have no clue how this kid is doing, or if the parents even took him to the hospital. I hope so. Then I had to keep working. I was so zoned out I could barely function. It was just awful. Everything that could possobly go wrong at work, went wrong. And my day has just been crap! Before that happened, someone came in and smelt like one of the nusres at the hospital used to smell. It was real hard to take their order. I think I might need a break from work. Its not helping any. I'm not doing very good emotionally. I don't feel very good emotionally.

My therapist gave me a paper on different things I can do to help keep me in the moment when something triggers memories and I want to zone out. But I cant really do any of them at work. (goodness I just started shaking and can barely type its so bad. gonna get some sugar good thing

I have a handy candy drawer)

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