Wednesday, September 30, 2009

move along

It's snowing. No. I mean IT"S SNOWING. Goodness. Where has the time gone? I am freezing! But for the 1st time since sunday I don't have a fever, so I guess I'm doing better. Seems that everyone in town is sick. Small town. Work of course has been horrible about me being sick. TOday I called and they told me to come in and find someone to work for me. So I went in, called a bunch of people, couldn't find anyone, then a manager starts complaining that I'm gonna get him sick. UHM excuse me! I'm the one that called in and said I shouldn't come in, you are the one who told me to come in and find someone to work for me, so don't even start with me. Okay? Okay. So as you can probably tell it irritated me quite a bit.

Okay So lately I have completely failed at getting an entire post out in one day. So the top of this is from yesterday. And who know the bottom may be from tomorrow... I'm still sick. I went a few hours with out a fever yesterday... But it spiked back up this morning. I of course still had to go to work. :( Its freezing here still. I went and had dinner with a friend(story to come) And by the time i drove from her house to mine I was froze! So I thought a nice hot shower would help...Well it did until the hot water ran out, then I hurried to dry off and get into some warm clothes, but wasn't quick enough. I seem to have gotten a chill. So now I'm in my Pjs with a hoodie on, plus two blankets wrapped around my feet and my electric blanket on top. Trying to get warm... It's not going so well. Okay to the story about my friend.

Well I met her when I took the CNA class. SHe is the sweetest lady. We hit it off even though she's over 20 years older then me, I tend to get along with older people better then people my own age. Well she had a son who was about my age, we started dating. He is the one I think I blogged about before, He was killed in a wreck mid JUly. Well I haven't really talked to her since then. Randomly TUesday night she shows up at my house. Great. REally. Well we get to talking, turns out her husband kicked her out just before Jonnys death. SHe has been homeless since then. JUst barely got a place. She barely has the money to eat once a day. Well she left. I fell apart. It just breaks my heart. She doesn't deserve this. So tonight I took some food over and we ate and talked a bit. It was real nice to talk to her. She gets it. THe it that I can't really explain. SHe gets. I cried for hours after she left. It's not okay. I just want to make it all better, but I can't. That makes me angry. I just hate to see people suffering. I can't handle it. ANd this lady is really suffering. THen it makes me feel bad, my trials seem like nothing compared to hers,and I can't handle them. Then I look at her and she is handling it. I should be able to handle this.

Well I promise to get that post up soon Nicole! Just haven't had time where I'm feeling okay to do it yet.


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