Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I always think about sleeping

Then realize how silly that sounds. So I just stay up.

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KT said...

I'm sorry you're being attacked on Blog Frog. I think the people there of different races do not realize that White's experience racism too.

Honestly, I feel as though they have blinders on. Yes, I do feel bad for them, since they experience racism probably more often, but that does not mean that when a white person experiences racism it is nothing. I honestly can't believe someone said that...

Today's world is a sad one, but the past was much the same. If they look back into their histories they will find their own nations selling each other as slaves, beating, raping, ect.. I watched a movie last night, "Tears of the Sun" it's horribly sad, but helps to prove that it's not just us Whites who hate others.