Monday, October 4, 2010

Over you.

Grr. I'm annoyed. My dorm room is occupied… So I'm in the commons. It really isn't that bad in here. That's really not what I'm annoyed about. I just get so tired of people thinking everything that ever happens anywhere it their business. It's not really. If someone says something on their blog that isn't true or you don't believe it. Get over it. Okay?

The misfits. That aren't me just invaded my area. Now I am back in my room. Which is now empty. Thank heavens. Grr. I hate this college scene thing. SO what If it's helping me grow and expand as a person. It's stupid and needless. Just let me get an apartment and come here when I have class. Thankyouverymuch. I've been in a pretty rotten mood all day. I need to talk. I'm just not sure how. … GRR… Every time I try to on here. I can't seem to find the words. Which makes me angry. SO I quit….

I'm having lung issues. SO being in constant pain doesn't help any. Called the Doctor. She wants to see me. Friday. Really Friday. That's so far away. Seems like FOREVER. But whatever. It hurts to breathe. Every breath I take feels like someone is poking my lungs. Feels like there is extreme pressure on my chest. It hurts my lung to swallow. Doesn't really make any sense. My inhaler helps for like 2 minutes. It makes my lungs not feel so tight. What's really bothering me is back in January when I was having lung problems, they found a spot on my left lung(I thnk it was the left) but right after that the found the spot in my liver and were more concerned with that and we all just kinda forgot about it until now. I was supposed to have it checked 2-3 weeks later to make sure it wasn't growing. But no dice. I'm hungry. But I know I'll regret eating. Both the process and the after math. Yeah. Food is not my best friend right now. It sounds good and all. I just feel awful as soon as I smell or taste it. Grand. I really want sushi. Like REALLY REALLY. But I know it will make me really really sick. SO I will refrain from fulfilling my desire. I think I'm gonna go get some heat packs for my chest. Or something… Something has to bring relief… Right???

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