Friday, May 22, 2009


I got the results from my LAST test today and... I PASSED that means I'm finished with high school YIPPY. Its almost ten I just got home from having pizza in the park with the twins and a friend. I was Textiing Troy, and told him I missed him and he said WHY. Uhm I didn't know I needed a reason to miss him. But apperantly I do! Which got me thinking, what did he expect my answer to be? Does he think I need him here to have someone to have sex with? Because I don't. Not because I'm having sex with someone else, because I don't want to have sex. Is that to much information? Hmm that's okay. He has not told me he misses me yet, I'm not sure what to think about that. My mom is still out. I have to be to let the dogs I'm watching out in like a half hour. I really don't care for dogs. I was attacked more then once as a child and they just don't thrill me. Blah well maybe I'll take a nice hot bath before I go to let them out. That sounds good. *Gabby

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