Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm headed to the college to get my test scores and I'm very nervous. I passed all the pre tests with flying colors but didn't do as well on one of the first two real tests. Still passed. I haven't actually done any schooling since I was 15. Be here you can't get you GED tell your 17. I had planned on getting it last summer but spent it in the hospital. Oh and I think I have kidney stones again. Yay me right. I had them last time I was on tpn and it feels just the same. So please pray for me in both of those areas. *Gabby


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Mindy said...

Hi Gabby,
I came to your site thru April Rose's Mom posting her HWW. I went back and started at the begining of your blog and I have to say you sure have been thru A LOT in such a short time. I wish there was something I could do for you to make things better. Like you said everyone has their "issues" in life but everyone needs to have someone to vent to as well. I do not have a blog but I do read A LOT of blogs while at home and work. I am willing to be your outlet if you need one. If you ever feel like talking I am a good listener. Hang in there things WILL get better and I am serious if you ever need someone to listen I can do that!
Take care!