Thursday, May 7, 2009

Possible infection!

So last night my PICC line started to look a bit icky, but this morning it's red and very icky and I have a slight fever. Not good! I have the first 2 tests for my GED tonight and if I miss I don't get to graduate. I'm also very tired. Which hasn't happened in awhile, normally I'm okay this time of day. So I might be getting the Broviac line sooner then later. Which would be okay because the PICC isn't allowing blood draws anymore. While needles don't bother me, I don't like them either. I bruise very easily, plus being on heprin, it just better if I don't get poked. So today I'm feeling a bit discouraged from it all, and missing my boyfriend. Thankyou for the sweet words! Gabby*


April Swarthout said...

Hi Gabby,
I found your Blog on Little April Rose's blog I am now a follower here to listen and pray for you, to be a friend and someone to share your story with. Thanks for sharing your life with me.


lovey said...

I hope you feel better. Keep your spirits up..