Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My poor car!!!

Okay I'm feeling pretty stupid tonight... Sunday I enjoyed one of the simply joys in life... Playing in the mud! It was so much fun!! A couple of my friends went with me and we decided to go mud bogging in my car. Its a 95 chevy lumina... It was no such a good idea. We got stuck... ANd I mean really stuck... Some nice people (after spraying us with mud) called some guys and they used there trucks to pull us out. WOW it was awful. Afterwards, there was a wire hanging out from under my engine haha ccouldn't figure out what it went to so it still isn't plugged in. My car was so very muddy inside and out so we took it to wash it. We ended up just spraying out the floors it worked really well until I started noticing a smell in my car. I thought it was from some sausage the was left in there by accident, I found it and removed it but I still smelt! My friend came to smell it and lifted the passenger floor mat and oh goodness!!! MOLD.... EWW!!!! And me being me, I can't handle smelly stuff so I bleached it!! I also need a new belt in the engine. So I have learned to NEVER take my car mud bogging again. Anyone have any stories they'd like to share about stupid things they've done to their cars?? Leave me a comment! Whew. Okay moving on. A friend of the family had a baby today. A little Girl named her Daphne. SHe is so precious. I spent most of the day in labor and delivery, that was okay, no bad memories there. But tonight when I went to visit her in the Maternity wing I had to walk through the floor and Oh GOodness I melted down. It was so hard to be there, I've only been in that part of the hospital 1 since all the stuff happen last summer and that was with my mom! Today i was all alone. Awful. I think I might take a bath!! *Gabby

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