Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Box of dirt....

Well for the last month everyones been asking what I wanted for my Birthday, honestly I didn't know. So finally I told Courtney I wanted a jar of dirt. Yes a jar of dirt. I love to play in dirt there is just something relaxing about it. Well she told me okay she would get that for me, then a few weeks later I brought it up and she said there was no way she was getting me a jar of dirt for my 18th birthday. I was bummed! Then came the night of my party... She places this heavy shoe box in my lap thinking that she got me shoes I'll never wear because they weigh more then I do I open it and to my surprise it was full of dirt, candy and nail polish! I was so excited. It was probably my favorite present ever. So the party went well. We stayed up tell after 4am. And when I say we I mean them. I took a few cat naps after midnight :-).

The drs appointments went really well. I have my last bag of TPN tonight and hopefully taking the PICC out before the end of the month. Then we went shopping and had dinner. It was a good day. *Gabby


Kellee said...

Yay for cool presents and a good doctor visit!!

Court said...

This courtney friend of yours sounds very fun!
laughs I'm absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed my gift!!! I thought the BOX of dirt was very clever on my behalf!
Have another good day tomorrow gabs!