Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well my Picc Line is finally out! Exciting! They took it out yesterday which was awesome. It's really weird to not have it though. It's gonna take some getting use to!

I've spent most of the day today in bed in pain. It started about 6 last night and has been awful since. hardly slept at all. It might be cysts again bursting. If it is there isn't much we can do for it except wait for it to resolve itself. Nothing has helped with the pain, I'm getting ready to curl up on the couch with an ice pack and see what that does. :(

I've decided not to start college this fall. Its been stressing me out the last couple weeks and I did so talking and now I not going to. I really don''t want to so Its okay with me. I would love to be going to Heartland this fall but that's not gonna happen so I need to move on I guess. I take some classes next semester. I just need a break right now.

So while getting my Picc out was a good thing I'm still not sure how long its gonna last! I've been having acid reflux. Which I shouldn't be able to I've had 3 surgeries to stop it and am on max doses of antacids. So the Dr's want to do some test which require me to stay overnight in the hospital. And since my laptop is broken I probably won't be able to blog during that time. Maybe I'll get a guest blogger or something.

I'll be going up to a camp on Sunday and spending the whole week up there helping in the kitchen. So I'll try to post again before I leave but If I don't get the chance that's where I am!

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