Friday, July 24, 2009

Not perfect or trying

First off yes I may be a little of a Hypochondriac MR.Anonymous and if you don't like what I write about then maybe you shouldn't read? PTSD is a real problem and I really have it. Don't believe me fine. I have enough on my plate why on earth would a think I have something else if not told by a DR? But thank you for your comment and reading my blog, next time maybe don't accuse me of something that you know nothing about okay? Or did you just want to make it on my blog? I know its fabulous right? Well here you are mentioned on the blog. YAY for you. PTSD is a real illness. You can get PTSD after living through or seeing a dangerous event, PTSD makes you feel stressed and afraid after the danger is over. It affects your life and the people around you.

Well I feel better now, anyone else feel like attacking me? I'd be happy to mention you on the blog too. Though there is another way you could just be nice to me like this sweet lady that I'm about to answer questions from and you'd be mention without me being upset. Imagine that!!!

Nicole- The Traumatic experience I went though was having a DR. almost kill me and then spending the last year trying to get my life back on track. That's why I have such a hard time going to our hospital. Too many memories.

I went to an amusement park yesterday. It was pretty fun. I use to love going. Now I enjoy myself, it just isn't as fun as it once was. The rides don't scare me. I love the rush and screaming at the top of my lungs. But I have a harder time riding them now, my mind says yes but my body says no. My mind won and my body is paying for it. I'm covered in bruises. I bruise easily and am on blood thinners so we didn't mix well with being jerked around.

Its my moms birthday! So I'm making dinner. BBQ Chicken breast with raspberry chipotle sauce. Mmhmmhmmh With salad and home made blue cheese. I love to cook! I just love food! You wouldn't know by looking at me though!!

I've been off TPN two weeks and have only lost about 5lbs. Which was expected. I could lose almost en more and they wouldn't do anything... We are trying to get my insurance to approve oral Zofran and if I'm able to take it okay then They will take the PICC line out!! WOOHOO! The only problem is it usually gives me awful headaches. So we will see. Its taking forever to get approved and stressing me out. I want this Line out so very bad. I want to go swimming, not worry about it being pulled on when i do things. To be semi-normal or at least do normal things!!!

Its smells like rain outside!!! I hope it holds off till after I make dinner I don't want to BBQ in the rain. Though I will if I have to!!!

Well I'm done writing for now. Please leave a comment as I do love reading them, and hey if you want to attack me go right ahead but please leave a name so I can mention you on here!!! You might get mentioned even if you don't attack me! *Gabby


Kellee said...

Sorry creepy blog weordo was mean to you =(

I have a blog stalker on them.

Just add them to the top of your prayer list.


lovey said...

Hi Gabby,
I can't believe that guy questioning PTSD. I just had something traumatic happen. It "reactivated" my PTSD from previous incidents. The physical reaction was worse than any emotional reaction. In March, I had two surgeries, and the physical stress of that caused me to lose a little bit of hair. Three weeks after the recent trauma, I lost handfuls of my hair. People don't realize that PTSD
is not just an "emotional problem".. it has serious health consequences. I'm glad to know you are getting help with your PTSD. Ignore any ignorant jerks!!! Laurie

Nicole said...

So there was something wrong with you and a Dr. mistreated you? Its so hard to know your body and have to depend on Drs. I feel like I am constantly let down by Drs. We are supposed to trust them implicitly, giving them this implied perfection and they are just people. They pick their nose(hopefully not without washing their hands). They poop. They are emotionally distant or also care for a sick mother get the idea...Who did you go to the amusement park with??
How is Troy doing, ok?