Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I don't struggle to remember,
I struggle to forget.
One day without the constant reminders,
is a day I long for.
I trace the scars on my body with my finger,
knowing they are permanent.
I know they are what makes me, me.
But they bring back the memories of pain and suffering.
I don't think I would trade it, if I was able to.
But I certainly would not ask for it.
I don't want the memories to be gone forever.
I learned some wonderful life lessons.
But to be able to forget,
just for a day,
that would be marvelous.

I'm sick today. Blah. I slept until noon. Probably would have slept longer but mom came home and got me up. I've had a fever all day. Not a high fever, just enough to make me feel rotten. Mom seems to think that I should feel like making dinner, whatever. I have a sore throat, some white spots on my tonsils. Great. Just what I need. If it's not better by morning I'll go have a culture.

My liver biopsy and scope are scheduled for the 18th. I'm glad it's scheduled, It takes a big weight of my shoulders. I just wish it was sooner. I just hope I don't have a test that day, but with my luck, I probably will.

I did awful on my algebra test. 56%. So I have a D in the class. Which luckily, is still passing. I did way better on my Psych exam, 76%. Which is a C. I am thrilled with that. I'm actually getting the Algebra we are doing right now. SO hopefully I will do better on the next test. If not I'm gonna have problems with my financial aid. Which won't be good. But I think I have a A, maybe a B in computers. I got an A on the tests I took last night. I'm just hoping to pass all my classes. I don't care if I have A's, I just want to pass.

Well I have to go get mom. *Gabby

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