Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When I'm down.

(I can't get the underline to go away!!!)

When I'm down. I shop. Not a good things. But true. I got an email from Aerie, one of my new favorite places, well they had a sale going on. I however didn't buy anything on sale. But I did find this cute nightie, I love
night gowns. Well that's if I wear anything more then underwear. Which happens to be quite often, as I stay other places, or people stay here. (now it's blue!!!) I also found this sundress! Another thing that I LOVE!!! Seriously, I would wear dresses and leggings ALL the time if I could. I also bought a bunch of underwear. :) I won't post pictures of those though.

(okay this is driving me crazy) My Wookie! He is so cute. But he is not getting the potty training thing so well. Or at all. He will go on the puppy pad if we are in my room. But the rest of the time he goes on the floor. Even if I take him out every half hour. It's driving me crazy!
Well I'm done uploading pictures, so maybe my font will stay the same....
Class went well. We talked about consciousness. Great.
I want to unleash my feelings. But I think I will just take a shower and go to bed. Yes. That sounds good. *Gabby

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