Friday, February 5, 2010

Well Potato

So other then having to ice my face to keep the swelling down. Other then feeling awful today. Other then having a pile of homework. Yes, other then all that I'm okay. The tests that I had done this week all came back fine. Deep breath, frustration. While I'm glad there is nothing wrong, I want answers. I want to be able to eat. I want to stay at the same weight for more then a day. I want to be okay.

Jumping for a minute. I got a new book. "Wicked". I haven't started reading it yet. But it looks very interesting. I love books. Hardback books. OH LOVE!!! After we got done with the upper gi Wednesday. We couldn't leave town because they weren't sure if the dr wanted to see me, so we went to lunch, old navy, and Barnes and Noble. Oh LOVE spent over an hour just looking, it was wonderful.

Well I'm gonna go help with dinner. I'm gonna babysit tonight so I won't be back till late. Maybe one of these days I'll do an interesting post again! *Gabby

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