Friday, March 19, 2010


First lets talk about the facts of yesterday. They did NOT do the liver biopsy. The radiologist took one look at my films and said "I know exactly what that is" Focal Fatty Infiltration... Basically part of my Liver is processing things differently then the rest. He wouldn't have done the biopsy even if he didn't know what it was. The place that it is at in my liver is the most dangerous place to do a biopsy. He would be within an millimeter of the important vein that is by my liver. And if he nicked it it could cause serious problems, even death. But everyone is confident that this is what it is. Deep breath.

So they did the scope. My surgery is still intact. But my esophagus has what is probably a fungus(GROSS) growing on it. Which is causing the pain and nausea. AND my stomach was full of bile. Which means I probably have bile gastritis. Which can also cause pain and nausea. Both treatable with medication. Deep breath.

Because of the scope my throat is KILLING me. So I'm gonna go make some yummy stuff to make it feel better. *Gabby

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