Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, it's been a crazy week. Friday they started me on Erythomycin and Medicine for thrush. Well yesterday I wasn't feeling quite right, so I read through the list of possible side effects. Mouth sores are a rare but serious side effect. Well my mouth is full of sores. So we called the dr, they didn't answer. So we called the Pharmacy. They said to stop it immediately. Well then this morning the dr office called back the guy my mom talked to has had thrush recently and about a week after taking the meds he developed mouth sores. SO now we don't know whether its and allergic reaction, or just normal progression of thrush. Either, it's awful. I'm miserable. Sores all down my throat. Hardly able to eat. Blah. Awful.

I have TONS of homework. Which I should be doing right now... Whatever.... My brother is coming over tomorrow to help me with the 100+ algebra problems I have due tomorrow at 4. Yuck. But I have to do them to get my grade up.

Wookie has started chewing on our toilet brushes. Weird dog! Not to mention is so disgusting.He is getting better at the potty training. He whined at the door earlier I guess, then peed on the floor. So he is getting it.

I've been kinda "wordless" lately. Not that I don't want to talk. Oh boy do I. I just can't find the right words to say. They are all "stuck" I can't even think through and arrange them. It's awful.

Troy will be home Friday!!! That's only like a day away. I can't believe it. It's been a long hard year. I have missed him dearly. He has been in the states since late Friday night. We have been texting like crazy. I've loved every minute! I can not wait to see him Friday! FRIDAY!!!! It will be wonderful. There's some things to work out. But we can do it!!! I will blog more about this later! I need sleep. *Ga5bby

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