Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, today didn't go as planned. I ended up sleeping until noonish, then took mom back to work. came home and napped for a couple hours. Went and got ice cream for my sister and the kids. Went to the store. Went and got my mom. Went to school. Not a very fulfilling day. Tomorrow I have to be up by nine to take my nephew to the dentist.... Fun.... I'm so ready for my mom to get a car. I mean SO READY!!!! So maybe tomorrow I will get something done. Like laundry. Cleaning my room. The bathroom needs cleaned. Maybe I'll go apartment hunting. I really need to. There are some studio apartments for like 430 a month. But there in the "bad" part of town, but really I thinks it's just my mom.

Growing up stinks. Really. It's not fun. I wish I could go back a few years.

Gosh. Well that just put a damper on my posting. Goodnight. *Ga5bby

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