Monday, March 1, 2010

Fixin' time.

Tomorrow, my poor lil' Wookie will go to the vet, stay there all day, and be fixed. Poor thing :(. As he lay sleeping across the room, I can't help but feel sorry for him. He has no clue what's coming. Surgery sucks, no matter how small.

I will have a few hours in the morning, to do whatever. It's going to be odd. I usually just spend the morning in bed, snugglin' with Wookie. But tomorrow I will have to be up early, then I will have the whole morning, until 12pm to myself. I'm thinking, if I don't come home and crash on the couch. Maybe I will go tan. I haven't been in years. I love it though. When I had tubes I found it silly to go because it would leave funky tan lines. But tomorrow, it sounds like a lovely idea.

Then about 12 Steph will drop the boys off.I will keep them all afternoon. Hey, maybe we'll even go to lunch. That would be nice. I also, at some point, need to do homework. Blah. That doesn't sound fun. But I've been putting it off. So tomorrow I have to do it.... *Gabby

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