Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*Late Night*

Okay so this is me going to bed... Yeah. I decided not to... It's as simple as that. I tried. It didn't work. SO here I sit, once again, awake in the middle of the night. Anyone else up? This is where wookie is currently sleeping... SO cute!

I got a little gift from J. Things are still going smooth there. It's a cute little notebook! Sorry the pictures aren't that great. I took them with my phone. And it's pretty dark in here.This little note was in it. So sweet. I love getting little notes. And letters. They're wonderful!

Rebekah, remember when we were little, right after you moved away and we'd write letters? I think I might still have one, somewhere. We'd "have" or dolls "write" letters too. We were so cute! I can't believe that's been at least 10 years ago. So much time has passed. It seem like just yesterday we were crawling through your neato dog door!!! Eating Maddysons skittles through the fence HA! Or you accidentally sitting in my toilet HA! Blocking my door so Destinee couldn't get in my room. Or watching LOTR in my basement and me talking about how Faramire has nice hair. HA I was so tired. I got grounded for a month after that for not getting the laundry done. but it was worth it. We so need to get together this summer. Be "adults". We should go see the ocean. I've never seen the ocean. I think it would be great to do it with someone who I had many of my "firsts" with. Maybe go to disneyland!! That would be SO fun. (I know I'm dreaming big here as we both are broke college students, but hey, it could happen). You know, we have a pretty amazing relationship! After years of silence we just picked up where we left off. You are still my best friend. After all these years of being apart I've found that it just made me trust you more. I know that no matter what you will ALWAYS be here for me. And I for you. You realize, we've been friend for 12 years and NEVER had a fight. At least not one that stuck in my memory, so it must not have mattered. What I'm trying to say is I love you Rebekah and am SO blessed to have you as a friend!

So I had an idea. I think starting tomorrow, well today, or Friday I'm going to do a random picture a day with what meaning it has for me. For a whole week. Wanna join? If you do let me know and I'll figure out how to set up a link thing. Brent Riggs, I may need your help! :)

Well, I'm gonna head back to bed. I have to be up in 4 hours.... *Ga5bby
P.s. I changed my name. It is now Ga5bby. The 5 is silent. :)

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