Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay, today was a interesting day. I got out of bed, unfortunately, at 9. Sat and waited for my mom to finish getting ready for work so I could get in and get ready. Well she didn't get out until 940. I had to be at J's house at 10. So I hurry and get ready. Get there about 1015. We hit the road. We get to Park City about 11. Go to the theater. Its locked. Says the soonest show isn't until 215. WHAT!! The Internet said 1130!! So we drive around to find something to do for 3 hours. Lunch? That sound great. Before we can chose, her phone rings. It's the school. Her daughter had seizer. She couldn't get ahold of her husband to go get her. So we drove home. About ten miles out of town, her husband calls. He goes and picks up the girl. All of the sudden there's a highway patrol with lights flashing on our butt. So she goes to pull of. He passes. We being interested decided to follow. So we're going along, we see a firetruck, so now we're even more interested. We are now headed the other way out of town, we see a car in the ditch. All the police and firetrucks pass by, we stop. We can't tell if there is someone in it from the car so we get out. we see footprints that came from the car. So we felt comfortable leaving. As we're standing there an ambluance passes. We go a couple more miles... we see all of the emergency vehicles coming back. We'll so much for a great adventure. So we get to town. To her house. Go inside. I lose all my color. She notices. I say I'm going home to go to bed. She agrees it would be a good idea. So I come home, sleep for four hours. It was lovely. Now I'm still exhausted. I think I'm getting sick. My chest i all tight and Pleurisy seems to be back. But all in all I'm okay. I'll be getting the post with the winner up soon... Tonight or tomorrow. So if you still want t comment go ahead. *Gabby

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Paula71 said...

WoW what a busy day. Hope you feel better soon