Friday, November 27, 2009


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Its 2:37am, I've been awake sine 8am yesterday. Why, You ask? Well Because I wanted this laptop that is sitting on my lap. So from 8:30pm-1am I was at wal-mart. I also got a touch Ipod! I'm pretty excited, and broke. But thats okay, I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! Yes, I'm that amazing. Though my twin nephews birthday is the day after, so I need to buy them a gift for that too. Okay so call me crazy, but I'm headed back to the store at 4am, more good deals. This is the 1st time I've done ANY shopping on black friday. So here I am maybe over doing it a little bit. It'll be good though. So if you don't hear from me again today, its probably because I'm sleeping!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving. *Gabby

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