Monday, November 16, 2009

Not yet..

I have something on my mind, grinding at my heart. Just making me a grumpy person. But I'm not ready to let it out on here. I'm not ready to tell the world(or like 12 followers) how stupidly I acted. How freely I cared. Who I even shed tears over. Not yet.

I will however share how clumsy I've been the last week. Monday- slammed my foot in the car door. Tuesday-fell UP the stairs and hurt my knee. Friday- walking through the store, realize my hand is wet look down to see my hand is bleeding. Today- CUT my finger on a salt pack, burnt my finger in the fry grease. Slammed my elbow in between the ketchup box and the counter... Wow I need to just stay in bed.

I'm having a lot of stomach pain, have all day. Work was awful. I was in drive thru most of the night and bending out the window was horrid! Now I plan on going to bed. One of these days, when I get a new computer, I will post on something with more meaning then how I managed to hurt myself. But until then. Enjoy the little things!*Gabby.

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Kellee said...

Im shipping you some bubble wrap to wrap yourself up in lol!!

Becareful and feel better quick!