Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rehab is for quitters!

Goodness. Work was awful. I was non-stop crazy busy from the time I got there tell I left. Yeah let me tell you, I will next Thanksgiving ask or it off. Well if I still work there. Thinking about a new job, just thinking, I don't know if they're looking. ANd I do love McDonalds! But poking people with needles. Come on that has to be great! Really wonderful!!!...

So this post has taken forever to get up. It's close to midnight now. But I will finish it, non-the-less. Unless I fall alseep on the cuputer and a brick falls on my head. Then I won't.

I've been having these dream, they really freak me out. The kind of dream where you wake up out of breath crying and have to figure out what really happened in your life, then it keep popping up for days. The ones that noone wants to have. But non-the-less (my word of the day) I still have them. I'd go into detail but I'm tired and hoping not thinking about it will help them go away.

So the reason this post is taking sooo long is because I had to make a run to my sisters to get a pan for the strawberry jello(i have pictures). So I put on my big girl... PANTS(theres more to that then you really want to know) and headed out into the cold winter night. GOt to my sisters. as soon as I walk in the door my 7 yr old neice walks up with my nephew. I fell in love all over again, with both of them! So I held him for a few mintues before I left. Came home and helped mom get food ready, Thanksgiving is big at our house. We have enough food to feed an Army. Or live off of leftovers for a few days. And I the picky eater, eat, almost, everything she makes. I will try to take pictures of everything tomorrow. I would like to do a post on Thanksgiving, and one on the family. WHo's who, and whatnot. All but my oldest brother will be here, sadly I'm happy he won't. He called me a few names a few ear back and I haven't talked to him since, well mabe thats a lie. I talked to him the summer I spent in the hospital for a minute. I was on so many drugs, and in need for contct for the outside world, I would have talked to anyone. The conversation lasted all of a minute. So other then that, I haven't talked to him.

About the title, I thought it was funny,I took a quiz on facebook and that was my random saying... Not that I've ever in my life said that, but apparently thats my saying, so I'll take it like a man or-woman, to be exact!!! I'm so tired I'm rambling, I hope you're enjoying this.

So when I said i tripped over a broom and fell out the window, they were two SEPARATE events. I'm not the coordinated to do that, I usually catch my face with a wall of=r table r something. just falling out the window would probably hurt less. Luckily lately I haven't had my normal bruise like a peach skin, don't know if I should be worried about that or not, so right now I choose not...

The sore on the back of my head seem to be heaing, it still hurts just as much. Though it seems smaller. The bump next to it is definately smaller. SO hopefully it won't require medical attention. I still have a tooth ache, but I hate making phone calls, so nothings being done about it. Maybe I can get mom to call!!! Haha you didn't tell her not to call the dentist did you? I sure hope not, because I'm tired of it hurting, BUT not to the point I would call myself... SO we/ I will wait. Okay now I'm really dragging. I probably won't post until friday, Maybe tomorrow, don't count on it. I will be shopping black friday specials in the morning. Coputer, Ipod Touch are a few things on my list, Since no of you who read this are in town, I feel just fine telling you that ;)

Hope you all have great thanksgiving. What are you thankful or? Right now. I'm thankful that I may get to see my bestest friend this Christmas, haven't seen her in years. I'm happy. Now I must clean my computer off the couch. Haha I'll take a picture. *Gabs

P.S. I didn't spell check this. SORRY. But I'm too tired!

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