Monday, November 2, 2009


I woke up this morning, a little earlier then I had hoped, and was just annoyed with life. Annoyed that I was awake. Annoyed at the 2 little boys who woke me by being noisy. Annoyed that I had things to do today. Just annoyed with everything. I was in pain and would have loved to stay in bed. But instead I got up. Took my medicine. Ate some oatmeal and a banana. All while texting. Of course. What do I not do while texting? And a good friend pointed out that there was sunshine. Oh how I've missed the sunshine. So at that point my day started to look up. So I got dressed and started my day. I went to the college. Though I didn't really want to. I went. I had been approved for some pel grants and needed to get everything in order for me to start in the spring. So here I am at the college having no idea what I'm doing or what classes I want to take. Working myself up, on the inside, when again I notice the sunshine. I was able to tell myself to not freak out. I got my letter sent off the accept the grant then got in to see the guy who helps students with their schedules. Normally you have to make an appointment but I just happened to be there at the right time and got in today. So I'm taking a full load, not by choice. I have to to have insurance. But it'll be okay. I'll have classes Tuesday-Thursday and 1 online class. Now I'm actually kinda excited. I'm taking-Computer Information Systems- Beginning Algebra-General Psychology- and online Introduction to online learning. Only taking the last one because I needed one more credit. But it'll be fun. Then I went to Wal-Mart because I needed socks. I hate never having clean socks. And then to Smiths to check on a med the the insurance isn't wanting to pay. And now I'm home for a minute before I head to lunch with mo. It'll be great. I need to go check on my computer because I'm going crazy with out it! *Gabs


Nicole said...

yay!!! you sound GREAT!

rabidbutterfly said...

You sound better than you have in a while!